THE DISINHERITED (DAY 1, 02/01/2009)

Well, I had a dream about them again last night.  You see, my parents died 19 days apart in Oct. & Nov. of this year.
As difficult as that was, it was so much more difficult to be disinherited.  My parents left me $1 in their will.  Oh what a
slap in the face from the 2 people you expect to love you unconditionally.  I am 51 years old and my worth to them was
100 pennies.  It is not about the money but it is about the feelings.  It is about a resentment over helping a relative that they did not want me to help.  It is about not depending on them as others have.  It is about being successful and unsuccessful people
resenting that.  It is about THEDISINHERITED.COM for me today.  I hope others will vist my site and share their stories.  I beleive we can heal by talking.  I look forward to hearing from you all.


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